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The only restaurant order management system in the industry. We insure that every telephone, online or mobile take out order placed is monitored for accuracy and customer satisfaction.
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Takeout Call Center
Our USA based call center answers phone-in takeout orders with expertly trained agents who serve customers with a professional, knowledgeable, and a "Service with a smile" attitude.
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Online & Mobile
Food Ordering
The only cloud based online & mobile food order management platform in the market; with PCI security compliance, a feature rich interface and innovative consumer friendly technologies.
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Customer Analytics
Instantly know your takeout customers: new vs. repeat customers, popular menu items ordered, online vs. phone usage etc. Powerful data for effective marketing and loyalty programs.
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Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. - RRT are the Experts At Takeout (E.A.T)     and we offer turnkey restaurant solutions for a restaurant's take out business. Our proprietary and patent-pending restaurant ordering system vastly improves a restaurants takeout order customer service, it reduces costs and increases profits for any takeout order service. RRT has pioneered take out food order processing from customer initiation, through order pick-up. The robust restaurant solutions we provide give any restaurant a clear edge over their competition by providing the restaurant with increased revenues, reduced costs, streamlined operations and an exceptional customer experience for your take out order customers.
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Patents 6,384,850; 6,871,325; 8,146,077.
A Turnkey Takeout Order System that will Increase Profits & Decrease Labor...
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Centralized Customer & Order Application
Laura Dorazio Joins RRT to Build Sales in Eastern Region of United States.
October 2014: Laura Dorazio joins RRT as its newest Regional Sales Director. Dorazio will be responsible for all sales and business development efforts throughout the Eastern Region of the United States.
Phone, Mobile, And Web: Addressing Off-Premise Takeout Opportunities
October 2014: The problem with takeout these days is that although technology has made takeout ordering more accessible, the customer experience has not improved. Why is that?
Cafe Rio Mexican Grill is the nation’s #1 Mexican restaurant, bringing you made-from-scratch Mexican food with fresh ingredients. Just take a look into their super legit kitchens... they are filled with around 20 employees making fresh ingredients by the minute. Try finding that anywhere else.
Burger Lounge offers a simple menu utilizing the mindful procurement of ingredients that appeal to health conscious diners, vegetarians, salad lovers and those simply “hankering for a great hamburger.” The Burger Lounge ethos is centered on creating a burger you can feel better about eating. It begins with 100% fresh single source American grass fed beef.
It’s a story of two brothers, Sergio and Manuel Cabrera who came to Houston, Texas looking for the “American Dream.” Their dream became true through lots of hard work, dedication and determination. With more than 20 locations and many more planned to open, Los Cucos is a customer focused business that has consistently grown stronger and continues to thrive today.
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Five Questions for a Startup: Restaurant Revolution Technologies
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