Restaurant industry expert John Townsend to work with RRT to provide his expertise in operations, technology and strategy.
April 2013: Veteran restaurant technology executive begins work with Restaurant Revolution Technologies to lend his expertise to assist with the growth of RRT’s patent pending Order Management Technology Solution, supporting Takeout Orders within the Restaurant Industry.
Tony DiCenzo joins RRT as new Chief Technology Officer.
April 2013: Tony will oversee the advancement of RRT’s Order Management software, POS integrations, New Product Development and Online/Mobile ordering platforms to support the company’s rapid growth within the industry.
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Order Management
The only restaurant order management system in the industry. We insure that every telephone, online or mobile take out order placed is monitored for accuracy and customer satisfaction.
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Takeout Call Center
Our USA based call center answers phone-in takeout orders with expert trained agents who service customers with a professional, knowledgeable, and a "Service with a smile" attitude.
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Online & Mobile
Food Ordering
The only order managment based online & mobile food ordering platform in the market; with innovative technologies, a feature rich interface, PCI compliant secure, and consumer friendly.
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Customer Analytics
Know who the takeout order customers are. What are the popular menu items ordered, online vs. phone-in, new vs. repeat customers. Powerful for effective marketing and loyalty programs.
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E.A.T. With Us...
Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. - RRT are the Experts At Takeout and we offer turnkey restaurant solutions for a restaurant's take out business. Our proprietary and patent-pending restaurant ordering system vastly improves a restaurants takeout order customer service, it reduces costs and increases profits for any takeout order service. RRT has pioneered take out food order processing from customer initiation, through order pick-up. The robust restaurant solutions we provide give any restaurant a clear edge over their competition by providing the restaurant with increased revenues, reduced costs, streamlined operations and an exceptional customer experience for your take out order customers.
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"We were also very impressed with their high level of service, not only to us, their customer, but also to our customers.  Their call center agents, who represent our brand when they speak with our customers every day, have demonstrated excellent hospitality skills.” 

Mike Mirkil, Vice President of Marketing
"With RRT, we deliver a great takeout ordering experience, we are consistent in offering guests more of what they want when they order, and our staff can focus more on dine-in guests, knowing that our call in orders are in good hands with RRT.”  

Robert Suzuki, Partner at Eureka
“Rimel’s is committed to providing the best possible customer experience to all our customers - whether eat-in or takeout and delivery. With RRT handling the phones, servicing the remote customer and delivering orders directly into our kitchens through our point-of-service systems, we have seen immediate positive results.”  

Matt Rimel, CEO of Rimel’s
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Patents 6,384,850; 6,871,325; 8,146,077.
A Turn Key Takeout Order System that will Increase Profits & Decrease Labor...
RRT has completed the installation of their takeout order management solution to all 80 Habit Burger locations. 
December  2013:  During the month of November, RRT processed and managed an average of over 450 telephone call-in takeout orders per day, and an average of 100 online/mobile orders per day.
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Centralized Customer & Order Application
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